7 smart home extension ideas

So you’re planning a home extension? We’ve put together a list of seven smart extension ideas that we hope will inspire you, from bringing the outside in to rising above it all.

1) Bring the outside in

Bring the outside in

Us Australians are outdoor lovers, and our homes reflect that. Living rooms that open right up to the outside are hugely popular, but we particularly like this design with a row of plants on the inside to visually connect the room to the garden.

2) Add a deck

Add a deck

Adding a deck to your extension gives you an extra living area that you’ll use a lot more than you might think! In our great climate you can enjoy meals and other activities on the deck virtually all year round.

3) Build a studio

Build a studio

Building a studio in the garden to create extra space is a popular choice for those looking for a home office, teenage accommodation or a parent’s retreat. The distance from the house can add privacy (and reduce noise if your teenager is learning to play drums!).

4) Rise above it all

Rise above it all

If your house is on a sloping block, a raised extension can give you the extra space you need without taking away from your outdoor space. In fact, it can create a whole new usable, sheltered space.

5) Mix it up

Mix it up

An extension is an opportunity to make your own design stamp on your home. Many home owners are choosing to create interesting contrast using a mix of old and new, bright and dark or hard and soft materials and textures.

6) Get to work

Home Office

More and more of our customers want to add home offices to their houses these days as busy families want more organisation and dedicated space for work (or homework!).

7) Add a bathroom

Add a bathroom

It seems obvious, but an extra bathroom is sometimes not part of the plan when extensions are first discussed. Apart from adding serious resale value to the home, an extra bathroom can make life a lot easier for large families.

Over to you

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All images in this post and more information on the specific projects can be found on the inspiration-inducing website Houzz




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