Top 10 Reasons to Choose Addbuild

We’ve been helping Sydney home owners with home alterations for over 35 years. We know from experience that our customers’ key concerns are for high standards of workmanship, creative designs, prompt completion, minimum inconvenience, value for money and protection of property.

Like you, we believe in quality. Here are ten good reasons to be confident in choosing us to undertake extensions to your home:

  1. Obligation Free Consultation – For most projects we will provide a sketch design and preliminary cost estimate at no charge. Some more complex projects may entail a small charge for the additional work required at this stage but we guarantee that you will not be charged without first being fully informed and accepting such a charge.
  2. No Hidden Costs – We don’t provide an unrealistic low quote then hit you up later for extra costs. Our quotes cover everything from start to finish.
  3. Statutory Approvals – We are experts in designing and preparing plans, as well as gaining all relative authority approvals. Our “Classic” designs have been specifically designed to take advantage of the new NSW Housing Code for Complying Development where if certain conditions are met we can gain approval within 10 days and be building in a few weeks.
  4. Committed Dates – We provide committed commencement and completion dates to get you in your newly improved home sooner.
  5. Added Value – We can either suggest one of our standardised “Classic” additions that can quickly provide that additional space at a great price, or design and build one of our individually, architecturally designed ” Creative” solutions so that your home potentially gains even more value.
  6. Stay at Home – You can usually continue to live at home during construction if you wish, giving you significant cost savings. As specialists in building while owners are in residence, our people are trained to minimise inconvenience.
  7. Extended Warranties – We provide a 10 year Structural Warranty (industry requirement is 7 years) and 3 year Maintenance Warranty (industry requirement is 3 months).
  8. Fair Contracts – We use the NSW Office of Fair Trading Home Building Contract for your security – this is a fair, plain-English contract with no hidden surprises.
  9. Track Record – We have 35+ years experience with an impeccable record and no “black marks” against our name
  10. Finance – Over the years we have established working relationships with a number of independent mortgage brokers who represent multiple banks and finance institutions and can often negotiate a better deal than going direct. We offer this as a free service; we receive no commission for this service so there is no additional cost to you. Of course you can also arrange your own finance if you prefer.

It’s all about: Peace of Mind

The Consumer Guide to Worry-Free Home Improvement – a 22 page guide to everything you need to know before starting home improvements.

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