Renovating for Profit – Tips from a Real Estate Agent

Addbuild often works with growing families to add space to their home, making it more liveable and suitable for their evolving needs, but we also work with homeowners who are building an extension or addition with a view to selling their property and realising a profit from the renovation. If you are looking to sell,

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How To Future-Proof Your Home When Renovating

If you are renovating your home, you are likely trying to do one of two things: create your ‘dream’ home, or sell to make a profit on the cost of the renovations. Either way, including future-proofing ideas in your renovation will make your home more liveable for you for years to come, or more appealing

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Renovation Drill Down #3: Painting and Colour Selection

Welcome back to our home improvement series ‘drilling down’ into the finer details of renovation. Having first covered Electricals and then Plumbing and Drainage, we thought it was about time to bring a little colour to the blog with a focus on paint. Exterior Let’s start on the outside. Generally speaking, only extensions and additions create a pressing

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