How Addbuild Is Working During Coronavirus

Social Distancing on a Building Site

It’s a question we are being asked by all our clients: is it really safe to have Addbuild continue to work on my home renovations?

Construction has been designated an ‘essential service’, so Addbuild is continuing to build and work as closely to normal as possible whilst observing strict precautions.

One of the aspects of home renovations that Addbuild prides itself on – how we enable many families to keep living in their home whilst we build an addition or extension around them – makes this question even more pressing for many.

By helping keep families living in their home during a renovation, we save them a considerable amount – the cost of alternative accommodation.

However, in the current climate, this does inevitably increase the chance of interaction between our client’s families and our tradespeople or their Building Supervisor.

Keeping a close eye on the NSW and Federal Government requirements and guidelines, Addbuild has made – and will continue to make if necessary – changes to existing practices to ensure that our clients and their families remain safe, and our staff do too.

This includes making sure our tradespeople are washing their hands regularly, using hand sanitiser before entering a client’s home and after leaving.

We are also trying to reduce face-to-face interactions as much as possible.

For existing clients this means using the phone more. If we do speak with clients in person, then we observe strict social distancing protocols – no shaking hands, remaining at least 1.5 metres apart, and in the open air where possible.

Addbuild is also making sure that our staff and tradespeople are being careful at home and in their personal lives. No one is allowed to come to work if a member of their household is showing any signs of Coronavirus, yet alone if they themselves have symptoms.

We are also scheduling our tradespeople to avoid unnecessary overlaps, minimising contacts between them, and maximising social distancing within any workspaces if they have to attend a site at the same time.

Where a family remains living at home during the construction of their addition or extension, as a matter of course, Addbuild has always left those sites as clean as possible at the end of every day.

Building sites are hazard-filled zones at the best of times. This means that Addbuild, our staff and the tradespeople we employ, are very used to conducting hazard assessments as part of the NSW OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) requirements.

Whilst being very different to those usual hazards, our approach to Coronavirus is similar in that we gather all the information we need to make informed decisions and then put in place a series of practical steps to help prevent that hazard happening.

We are confident that all these measures taken together are ensuring that whilst we continue to work, we are eliminating the chances of spreading the virus.