Classic Design & Construction

Add Space for Less

If you need a quick, simple and cost-effective solution to your space problems, the Classic range is for you.

Our “Classic” range is a series of standard-design first floor additions that we specifically developed to assist more budget conscious clients achieve the additional space they need.

This is achieved without compromise to quality or service as we are simply passing on the savings achieved with the standardisation of design and construction.

Of course there are some options available in our “Classic” range and our design consultants can assist you with these to achieve your desired level of individuality within the concept of this range.

Addbuild’s “Classic” range of additions have been specifically designed to take advantage of the new Housing Code for Complying Development. This means that if your current house and land meets certain criteria we can obtain approval within 10 days of submission which in turn means that we can be potentially building your new home within 4 weeks of your decision to add space with Addbuild Additions! For more information or a quote please feel free to contact us on 02 8765 1555 or conveniently via our contact page.

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