Extension & Renovation Costs

When it comes to an addition, extension or renovation you most likely know what you want but the big question is what it all costs.

Some will tell you that there is a “cost per m2” or a “cost per room” or that you can build a new home for half the “cost per m2” of an addition, extension or renovation. The reality is that none of these methods are really an accurate measure of the true costs as they are too generalised and don’t take into account your individual needs or your specific house.

Home additions and extensions cost

Why cost per square metre is not a good guide

The basic facts are that the cost per m2 of a bathroom is more expensive than a kitchen, which in turn is more expensive than a living area or bedroom. This is particularly relevant in additions, extensions and renovations which often have higher proportions of these more expensive room types than new home constructions.

Furthermore, any figure provided won’t necessarily match up to your wants and needs in terms of room sizes, fixtures and fittings etc, or the construction or your house. While it’s easy to provide a ‘ball-park’ figure, we think it’s unprofessional and potentially misleading to provide such inaccurate information.

Finally let’s dispel the “half the cost per m2” to build a new home. It is true that building additions, extensions and renovations is more expensive when broken down to per m2 but this generally has more to do with the fact that there is a higher proportion of “expensive” rooms/areas such as bathrooms not to mention the fact that our work is completed by tradesmen on site rather than built in a factory by semi-skilled labour.

The cost of knock down / rebuild vs home alterations

When deciding to extend or “knock down and rebuild” you need to consider whether you will be knocking down a lot of valuable work that you might otherwise retain, then have to rebuild. This makes the real cost far greater especially when you take into account that you will have to re-do all of your landscaping, paths, driveways, fences etc. In addition there are the costs of moving out, renting temporary premises and storage whilst the new home is completed.

Compare this to the alternative of a well designed addition specifically done to your needs where you can generally stay in the house while the work is done and all of your existing amenities are retained then the true cost difference is well in favour of an Addbuild addition.

A better approach to costing home alterations

We have a saying here at Addbuild that every job we do is a one off and that even if we happened to come across someone with exactly the same house as you it is certain that their wants and needs for an addition, extension or renovation will not match yours.

To use a generic, simplistic and relatively inaccurate “rule of thumb” formula on such a critical issue as the costs involved is quite unprofessional. To overcome this we use our experience of over 35 years in the additions, extensions and renovations industry as design and construction specialists to provide you with an individual design that suits your wants and needs and then apply the real costs based on current tenders from our suppliers and subcontractors via our in house estimating system.

This is another example of Addbuild’s “Peace of Mind” guarantee where you can make this important decision based on accurate costs and prior to committing to spending large amounts of money based on what can only be described at best as “guesstimate” if relying on the inaccurate “cost per m2”.

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