Reality TV vs Reality


Many builders and tradespeople are not fans of shows like House Rules and The Block. But why is that?

Reality TV shows provide viewers with inspiration, give them a chance to see new products and current trends, plus they get a chance to see what just needs to be done in order to make big transformations in the home.

The programs place regular people into intense competition with short time frames and low budgets, while the contest for prize money provides drama and entertainment.

Viewers also enjoy the tension between couples in the competition – such as Will sleeping on the terrace of The Block after his ‘biggest fight of the relationship’ with Karlie.

So what’s not to like?

Why do builders and tradespeople not like this flavour of reality TV? Put simply, they create unrealistic expectations.  The reality of a real-world, un-staged renovation is very different in terms of time (and money) to the televised version.

This is a recipe for disappointment for the client and frustration for the builder.

Quality. Speed. Price. Choose Two.

There is a saying in business that you can have two of the three following qualities on any given project: Quality, Speed, or Low Price.

You can have a new bathroom on a ridiculously low budget completed in next to no time, but expect that the quality is what you will be missing out on, and cracking grout or leaking showers is what you will be getting later down the track.

These apply to shows like The Block, and mislead people as to what they really can expect when they engage professionals to do their home alterations.

Let’s take a closer look:

1) Quality

To fit the impractical time frames and the budgets on reality TV shows there are likely many corners being cut to get the job finished fast and looking good for the cameras. This could mean the skipping of a final coat of paint, tiling over not-quite-dry screed or any number of other short-cuts.

The other factor that diminishes quality is price – if low price is a focus then obviously the quality of fittings or materials has to give.

2) Speed

The shows are highly staged and edited to make everything fast for the viewer and to build tension and excitement. The builders and tradies on the shows have dropped everything for their TV appearance and perhaps even their families only get to see them for an hour a day.

But more importantly, doing things too fast causes big problems. For example, it is simply not possible to build a quality, stylish bathroom in a week without cutting corners and risking leaks, tiles falling off, paint peeling and worse.

When your builders have time to do their job for you properly and you have realistic expectations of what they can achieve in a given timeframe, everyone stays happy and the end result is higher quality and more satisfying all around.

3) Price

The budgets that the contestants are working with on shows like The Block are tiny and do not reflect what real people are paying to get quality work done in their homes. Quality tradespeople cannot work, purchase tools and materials and feed a family for the budgets that are depicted on reality TV makeover shows.

Many tradespeople may lower their rate for the show, or may even work for free for the exposure they could get by being on the show.

Our Reality

At Addbuild we offer you a more relaxed building experience – from concept to completion. We take the time to learn what you and your family want and need, then take care of everything from design to council approvals and construction, all within very reasonable time frames and budgets.

We also provide a Peace of Mind guarantee which includes a 10 year structural warranty and a 3 year maintenance warranty so that you can have the home that you dreamed of, without cutting corners, and without the worry.

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