Why I Love The Sydney Home Show

Addbuild Stand at the Oct 2018 Sydney Home Show

I started working for Addbuild almost exactly two years ago, writing articles for this blog, aiming to help people thinking about renovating their home with some solid information and inspiration.

Two years, one article a month, it’s now been 24 articles!

So to celebrate my 25th, I wanted to share one of the unexpected pleasures I’ve experienced now I work with Addbuild: attending the HIA Sydney Home Show!

And the timing is perfect as the next show is just around the corner in early April.

I decided to go the show last October to look at the Addbuild stand, take some pictures for promotional purposes, and meet some of the knowledgeable Addbuild team.

It would also be my first visit to the recently reopened Sydney International Convention Centre, and I wanted to see first-hand why this was being lauded as a world class exhibition complex.

I thought it would be a fast ‘in and out’ – I ended up staying for 3 hours!

Very quickly, I saw that the Home Show has much more to it than I had realised.

As you’d expect, the show has many building ideas for the home, and a range of exhibitors offering expert advice and guidance.

It really will help you if you are planning to build a new home, renovate your existing home, update your bathroom / kitchen / garden, add a second storey, or extend out the back.

There was also plenty of advice from solar installers and other specialists in sustainability, an area of particular interest for me.

The people on the stands were generally very knowledgeable, helpful and will give you a good amount of their time to explain their area of expertise.

Occasionally you have to wait your turn, but never for very long, and there is always something of interest close by if you do have to fill in time.

I discovered a few exciting innovations in the building world – there’s a lot of incredible cutting-edge work being done here in Australia to invent new ways of solving problems that had once seemed out of reach. Very inspiring.

I also cottoned on to the home appliance bargains on offer, often accompanied by fantastic and entertaining demonstrations.

It’s easy to be cynical about the showmanship, but I noticed that some of the staff were on a loop, delivering a punchy demo time after time, never missing a beat with hardly a break in between.

You had to admire their stamina and ability to keep smiling. The show must – and always did – go on!

My favourite article being demoed was the ceramic grater plate. This is a traditional spanish product that has been around for over 500 years, yet I’d never seen nor heard of it!

Spanish Grater Plate
It’s a small, ceramic plate with sharp indentations in the bottom. You move the garlic over the plate in a circular motion and, hey presto, your garlic is grated!

You can also use it for zesting a lemon, or grating anything hard like ginger, cinnamon, chocolate and cheese.

Colourful, decorative and most importantly, incredibly effective, you’ll never grate garlic any other way once you have one of these in your home!

So with a few small bargains in my hand, a lot of excellent advice, and an handful of brochures that were all carried in my free Addbuild recyclable cloth bag, I left Darling Harbour surprisingly pleased with my decision to visit.

I have to say, I’m now hooked and already have secured my ticket for this coming Home Show on 5-7 April. The Addbuild stand will also return, this time at Stand G16.

With over 250 exhibitors, I know they’ll be plenty of new things to see and do even though I was at the last one.

Visit the Sydney Home Show website for more details and to get your ticket: https://www.sydneyhomeshow.com.au/

I hope that I’ll see you there!


P.S. Just to to show the wide range of exhibitors, here’s the full list of categories so you can get a taste of what you’ll be seeing at the show – there is definitely something for everyone!

  • Audio Visual appliances & Home Technology
  • Architects & Designers
  • Art Pictures & Framing
  • Bathroom & Bathroom Products
  • Beds & Manchester
  • Blinds & Curtains
  • Bricks, Paving Tiles & Stone
  • Build Green Product
  • Builders & Extensions
  • Building Products
  • Cladding & Exterior Wall Finishes
  • Cleaning Products
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Decks & Patios
  • Decorative Finishes & Mouldings
  • Energy Efficient Products
  • Fences & Gates
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Flooring
  • Food & Wine
  • Furniture & Decor Products
  • Garages & Sheds
  • Gardening & Outdoor
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Hot water Systems
  • Kitchens & Cabinet Makers
  • Kitchen and Laundry Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Outdoor Screens, Shades & Awnings
  • Paint, Wallpaper & Timber Finishes
  • Pools, Spas & Saunas
  • Property Sales
  • Roofing & Gutters
  • Safety Products
  • Security Products
  • Stairs, Ladders & Lifts
  • Tools – Power & Hand
  • Wardrobes & Storage Solutions
  • Waste Water & Water Conservation
  • Windows & Doors

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