Bathroom ideas for your home extension or addition

Getting a new bathroom or renovating an old one as part of your home extensions or additions? We’ve put together this quick guide to some great bathroom ideas to help you make your new bathroom even better.


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Good lighting makes any room nicer to be in – so why is this so often ignored in bathrooms? Especially given that it’s the room where we often spend a lot of time looking at ourselves!

Instead of (or in addition to) the standard recessed ceiling lighting, why not consider feature lighting in the form of a stylish pendant light or similar?

Another great bathroom idea is strip LED lighting around the bathroom mirror. This provides even front lighting rather than harsh overhead lighting, making it easier to put on make-up, shave or just admire yourself!

A skylight is also a good idea for the upstairs bathroom – allowing free natural light, and models are available with built-in ventilation to clear the air without noisy fans.


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We’re firm believers that you can never have too much bathroom storage. From hiding those embarrassing creams to storing those extra fluffy towels you just got for Christmas, you’ll appreciate it when you have it.

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Some great bathroom storage ideas we’ve seen lately include pull-out drawers for cosmetics and the like, large mirrored cabinets, and freestanding furniture pieces (especially vintage or shabby-chic pieces) that add a touch of unique style along with extra storage.

Tile Selection

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There’s virtually unlimited options when it comes to bathroom tiles. Some ideas worth considering though:

  • Patterns – breaking out of the box with bolder patterns is a great way to add a touch of distinction to your bathroom – why not mix it up with some bright colours too?
  • Matt finish – matt tiles don’t show up water marks and light grime nearly as much as glossy tiles, so you’ll get away with less bathroom cleaning.
  • Go big – oversized bathroom tiles are big in Europe right now and are predicted to be a big trend in Australia in 2016. They look fabulous and you have far less grout to worry about. Here’s an example:

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A Double Sink

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If yours is a busy household that often has a queue outside the bathroom door, consider the double sink option. It will save everyone time during morning and evening ‘peak hour’ with two people brushing teeth at once, whether it’s you and your partner, or the kids.

A ‘his and hers’ arrangement can also be a bonus if you’re sick of cleaning someone else’s stubble or dried toothpaste!


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Some greenery in the bathroom is a nice idea to soften all those hard surfaces and add a touch of nature. Some plants can purify the air by filtering out pollutants like formaldehyde, others can add a lovely fragrance when flowering.

Some plant varieties that do well in bathrooms include:

  • Orchids – very happy in low light and they produce stunning flowers
  • Boston Fern – loves high humidity, beautiful rainforest-y appearance
  • Philodendron – easy care, best near a window for indirect sunlight
  • Peace Lily – also easy to care for and with gorgeous white flowers
  • Spider plants – striped leaves with a lovely cascading habit

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