Home Extensions vs Home Additions – To Go Out or Up?

Home Extensions vs Home Additions

It’s one of the first questions we are asked: should we go out with an extension or up with an addition?

And the answer is – surprise, surprise – it depends!

With more than 1,500 major home renovations under our tool-belts, Addbuild has built almost every type of addition and extension possible, so we’re happy to share our experience with you to help you understand your options.

These are the key factors to consider, with the main pros and cons for each option.

Home Extensions:

If you need more space and your building footprint doesn’t already cover a large part of your land, extensions are worth considering.

As our recent article featuring tips from a Real Estate Agent mentions, an open plan living / kitchen / dining area flowing on to an outdoor entertaining deck and then on to the back garden is still very much in fashion.

So whether you are renovating for profit or expanding the space for your growing family, if you have a big back garden, an extension may be the best way to achieve that style of layout.

Extensions are also an opportunity to add an extra bedroom or second bathroom, or both.

The trend for multi-generational living continues, and if you are looking to share your home with an elderly relative, an extension lets you create accommodation at ground level to minimise any need to climb stairs.

We have built extensions that offer a separate kitchen, bathroom and bedroom giving older relatives a high level of independence and privacy whilst still being close to the family if needed.

On the ‘cons’ side, generally, but not always, extensions cost more than adding another storey because of the need for excavation and foundation work.

And it goes without saying that any extension will automatically reduce your outdoor space.

For some, it’s a blessing to cut down on gardening chores, but for green-fingered homeowners, or those with young children, you might prefer to maintain ample space for gardening and play.

Home Additions

If you don’t have any extra land to extend into, or you want to keep your garden as is, a first floor addition is the obvious, and perhaps only, choice.

The major ‘pro’ is that first floor additions are perfect for creating separate living spaces for growing families, especially when the kids become teenagers.

We’re often asked to design a “parent’s retreat”, or a floor that the children will have all to themselves.

With a parent’s retreat, it’s a great chance to finally have an ensuite bathroom, walk-in wardrobes and a study or separate TV room.

For the kids, it’s a chance to give them some independence – often the first time each child can have their own bedroom.

Common requests for a children’s floor include an extra space for watching TV or playing games, a separate bathroom (so parents won’t be queuing behind preening teenagers), and, if there’s still room, a separate study.

The higher vantage point from a first floor also has the bonus of creating views that can add value to your home.

The biggest dilemma we see home owners having is where to locate their new staircase. Again, our experience allows us to explain the possibilities and advise you on the best option.

Inevitably, the stairwell will reduce the current space you have downstairs, unless, of course, you are combining an extension with an addition – as in the picture accompanying this blog post! It isn’t as rare as you might think.

Also note that going up doesn’t necessarily mean you need to move out during the building project.

Plenty of the families we build for live in their home during a home addition and cope with the inevitable disruption.

We pride ourselves on using our experience to make this a viable option as we know how important it is for some to avoid the substantial expense of moving out.

Talk to the Experts

Every home is different, but broad experience in the building trade counts.

As a design-and-build company that has specialised in home extensions and additions for over 35 years, Addbuild is Sydney’s expert in turning houses into dream homes.

We’ll plan, design and build the perfect solution based on the needs of your family and your home’s unique characteristics.

Our ‘concept to completion’ service also means that we can navigate the development approval process on your behalf, saving you time and worry.

This experience benefits you at the design stage as we can anticipate a council’s DA requirements or even design a ‘Complying Development’ that can be fast-tracked through approval in 10 days.

We’re always happy to help. If you think you’re ready to get a quote for an addition or extension, a member of the Addbuild team can come to your home to advise you on your options and get the ball rolling.

All quotes are free and come with no obligation. Please call us on (02) 8765 1555 or use our online contact form.

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