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Top 10 Home Renovation Apps

Planning to renovate, extend or add to your home? Whether you’re after inspiration or trying to imagine how a new colour or floor will look, we’ve collected together a range of apps that will help you with the project ahead.

Most of the selected apps are available on both iOS and Android phones, but there are just a couple that are worth listing despite only being available in one.

Some are free, some ‘freemium’, some free with ads, and others can be purchased for just a few dollars.

1. Photo Measures

Photo Measures Screen Shot

Free and paid versions. Take photos of your home and save the measurements on the photos so you can remember the layout and spaces.

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2. Mitre 10 Virtual Wall Painter

Mitre 10 Virtual Wall Painter Screen Shot

This free app lets you visualise how a room with look with a different colour scheme, then compare and save the results to share or reference later on.

Apple App Store 

3. Pinterest

Pinterest screen shot

Free but contains ads. An old favourite, Pinterest remains the perfect app for researching and collecting together ideas and inspiration from around the web.

Apple App Store 

4. Magicplan

Free with in-app purchases. Create floor plans of your home with measurements and angles by taking pictures. Comes with the option to export to various programs.

Apple App Store 

5. Homestyler Interior Design

Take a photo of your space to transform your mobile device into a virtual fitting room. Try out wall colours, decor items, and furniture products from real brands, get ideas and find inspiration from interior design projects, tips and trends.

Apple App Store 

6. Sun Seeker

This app gives you various views of how the sun will affect your home including a flat compass view and an augmented reality 3-D view showing the solar path, its hour intervals, its equinox, winter and summer solstice paths, rise and set times, and more.

Apple App Store 

7. Home Design 3D

Freemium and paid versions. This app allows you to plan out your future home or the renovation of your current home with 2D and 3D plans.

Apple App Store 

8. Home Harmony

Home Harmony Screen Shot

Free app. Home Harmony is a home improvement visualiser that lets you test paint and flooring combinations without needing physical samples.

Apple App Store 

9. IKEA Place

Free app. Using smart technology, the app allows you to visualise IKEA products in your home, and, with a little imagination, similar products from other companies.

Apple App Store

10. Color harmony

Free app contains ads. This app helps you find the right colours for your redecoration, as well as creating a harmonious palette from your selected colours.

Do you use another app that we haven’t mentioned that you would recommend? Please feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook post for this blog article and if we like it, we’ll update the article and credit your help.

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