How to add extra space for less

With Sydney property prices hitting stratospheric heights, moving house to get the extra space you need has become a less palatable option, However, a second-storey addition lets you add that extra room without having to move.

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Know Your Rights – NSW building laws in a nutshell

NSW home owners are covered by a range of laws designed to ensure that builders are licensed, insured and competent, and home owners are protected in the event of a problem or disagreement. We detail the key laws relating to home building, including the new and revised laws that came into effect on 15 Jan 2015.

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Landscaping after your renovations

When you’re getting major work done on your house, it often makes sense to budget for landscaping following the work. So when might landscaping be a smart investment, and what are the best ways to approach it?

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Renovate on a budget

Home Renovation on a Budget

Many of our customers have big dreams but small budgets so over the years we’ve become pretty good at identifying ‘bang-for-buck’ opportunities and delivering cost effective solutions.

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