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Building Sustainability Into Your Renovations

There are 5 main points to focus on when designing and building your renovation with the environment in mind: Passive Design Principles, Materials, Waste, Energy and Water. In this two-part series we share some ways to make your home renovations more sustainable.

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Renovating soon? Be nice to your neighbours!

Are you planning on renovating or extending your home? Under a new proposal to amend NSW Planning laws you may be legally required to involve your neighbours before submitting your DA to council for approval. These are the first major planning changes for NSW in the last 30 years.

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Healthy Renovations

Your choice of paints, floor coverings and building materials can have a big impact on indoor air quality, allergens and other factors that adversely affect health. We take a look at the main villains – the chemical nasties you and your family want to avoid.

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Passive Cooling Your Home Additions

Amid rising temperatures and energy costs, it’s more important than ever to consider passive cooling design principles when planning a home addition. We walk you through the basic principles of designing home additions that keep you cool when the heat is on.

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Extensions that add liveability and value

Some home alterations like a swimming pool, gym and sauna might not add as much value to future buyers as it costs you to build them. Here’s our list of the top 6 alterations that add both liveability and value to your home.

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Avoid Over-Capitalising Home Improvements

Financing Renovations

Whether your renovations are relatively minor (a new kitchen or bathroom), or major like a second storey addition or ground floor extension, the chances are that you’ll need to consider how you’ll be financing it. Here are some of the most common options.

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Staircase Design for Australian homes

As second storey home addition builders, we put in a lot of staircases! This article takes you through some of the key considerations, and along the way will hopefully inspire some passion for these fabulous interior features.

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